Polyaspartate in Agriculture: Enhancing Sustainability and Crop Performance

Farmers, fertilizer suppliers, and agronomy manufacturers are all looking for ways to optimize yield. Unfortunately, most of today’s fertilizers fall short on efficiency, requiring frequent reapplications or leaving behind harmful chemicals in the environment.

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Soltellus is changing the game.

Our polyaspartate product enriches the soil and supercharges your fertilizer by holding nutrients and water in the root zone longer, right where your crops need it. This boosts fertilizer utilization and increases yield while saving money and eliminating risks to your crop.

In this eBook, you’ll discover:

  • The biggest challenges to crop growth
  • How our polyaspartate product, Soltellus, can solve them
  • Why Soltellus improves yield, soil health, and water quality
  • Evidence and data on the results of polyaspartate treatments
  • How Soltellus and Lygos optimize your costs

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